V.I.P. Sweden


At VIP SWEDEN, we take great pleasure in providing world-class concierge service and entertainment for all our clients worldwide visiting Sweden.
We specialize in offering top class entertainment and leisure services across the country, a truly broad spectrum of services ranging from exclusive accommodation/dining and VIP nightlife, all the way to sports car rentals and private jet/yacht excursions.
Whether you fancy the thought of a relaxed and unforgettable weekend exploring the charms of Stockholm or you prefer to complement your Scandinavian experience with an exotic getaway to any top exotic resort aboard one of our private jets, we are here to make your leisure and entertainment desires crystallize onto the surface of your reality.

At VIP Sweden, your utmost satisfaction is our mission
Our corporate culture centered on outstanding customer service dictates that we go that extra mile each and every time to ensure that your stay in our country is everything you had ever hoped for and more.
From our side, we will stop at nothing to provide you with the service and entertainment that you demand and with your wish being our command, the only limits are those set by you.
At VIP Sweden, we believe that preference and taste are highly personal. That is why we are masters in the fine art of customizing your stay and tailoring it to your every wish.
Currently, we mainly cater to the needs and desires of foreigners visiting Sweden, but we are also able to put a fine silver lining on everyday life for Swedish residents.

Our first rate services span across the following areas:
Escape activities (sky diving, bungee jumping, racing)
Recreation (sailing, golf, skiing, horseback riding, polo)
Cultural/artistic activities (opera, museums, pottery)
Nightclubs and casinos
Health and beauty centers
Taxi and limousine services
Sports car rentals
Private security
Private jets and yachts
Corporate events

All our services can be elegantly tailored to your most diverse needs and preferences. Simply give us a call and/or email us your wish list and we will work out the magic necessary for making it happen.
We also offer a series of ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES ranging from WALL STREET to INFINITY for getting the most out of your stay in Sweden. These bundle deals offer superior entertainment for their value and have become a ‘classic’ pick among our clients.


For dinner reservations and night club 650SEK(for this amount the client will have a personal assistant that will make a VIP dinner reservation at specific restaurant depending on what the client likes for dishes and after VIP entrance and a table reservation at a night club of the client´s choose. entrance fee and services are included in this price)
The prices for our other services like, limosusine pick up, exclusive cars rental, private jet,Yacht etc etc, are discussed with the clients depending on how long they will need these services.