Stockholm’s most alluring exhibition setting!


(Swedish for “Liljevalch’s Art Gallery”) is an art gallery located on the Djurgården island in Stockholm, Sweden.

Designed by architect Carl Bergsten (1879–1935) and inaugurated in March 1916, it is today owned by the City of Stockholm.

Behind the entrance on the north-western corner is a small vestibule. To the right of the latter is a large sculpture hall leading to two large galleries with skylights intended for paintings, flanked by series of smaller exhibition spaces.

The eastern end of the building has a large-scale portico facing a small park surrounded by the large windows of a small restaurant.

One of the most appreciated exhibition spaces in Sweden, Liljevalch is renowned for its well-proportioned spaces in a range of sizes and its restaurant Blå porten “Blue Gate”. The concrete pillars and beams forming the structural framework of the building are left exposed as pilasters and mouldings in the façade with brick walls and a horizontal row of windows filling the spaces between them.
In front of and above the main entrance is a sculpture and a relief by Carl Milles.

The Liljevalchs exhibition programme is directed at both the wider public and those especially interested in a particular artistic output or art and designs.

The opening of each new artistic year is marked by the famous jury-selected Spring Salon.

The Liljevalchs art venue is the first independent, public museum for contemporay art in Sweden.

By the way the second picture from above is a painting of our future Queen princess Victoria, painted by Anna Kalinitchenko Jalpachik.

Go experience the delight of a fun artistic day!

Opening hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11.00–20.00
Wednesday 11.00–17.00
Thursday 11.00–20.00
Friday–sunday 11.00–17.00

The address:
Liljevalchs konsthall
Djurgårdsvägen 60
08-508 31 330