Champagne, stylish, trendy lovers? where to go? WHITE ROOM!


Is the hottest club in town, where the jet-setters, trend crowd end their nights mostly on
fridays and saturdays! Is definitely a white room, with a lighten bar at the entrance,
dance floor with big white bar where you can admire the fabulous crowed in the dance floor.
On your right you will have all the V.I.P tables where the champagne is always flowing along with the flashing lights! In the front of the dance floor you will find the DJ booth where he plays the most popular hits even before they have reached the radio.

White room gets packed after hours since all the party people leave the previous clubs near closing time 3:00 AM and keep up the partying to WHITE ROOM usually by the door around 2:00- 3:00 am. The doors are open in till 5:00 AM so you can dance the night away!


Jakobsbergsgatan 29
11144 Stockholm

Open wednesday till saturday.
00:00- 05:00 AM.

Telephone number: +46(0)8-545 07 665
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